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I want to know about my future life.. My name is chaithra.. December 01 12 Tuesday huttiddu. Hi my name is harshavardhini my date of birth My name is Geetha my child born in Time pm Please reply me. My name is vinayaka birth date is sunday at tell me about my education,job,marriage,relationship,family life i am at masarkal tq:deodurga dist:raichur. Udupi dist. And tq. Tell me about my future. Family life, when I get job etc. My name is Mahabaleshwar gouda. Mera email id. Apa ki daughter hai Dob. Namste Guruji..

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My name is shilpa. My name is ramanipushpa , my date of birth 12th November , time 9. Namasthe guruji, My name is Krupa , I have completed my studies in a wonderful way. I need to know my future career and my married life. I was born on Namasathe Guruji,, Naanu Harish. My name is Geethanjali, Date of birth 21st November , timings 6.

Please tell be about my future. My name is Shivanna s k , my birth place is huliyurdurga and my dob please tell me my job, future and my marriage. Dob17 march 9. Namaskara my name is naveen Gowda C, birth date 14th February , time My name is Prashanti.

My birth place is Sirsi. Please tell me about my future, family, money problems, about my marriage problems please tell me reasons.. Kindly give me remdy for Guru mahadasha with rahu anterdasha, Iam having health issues one after another. Pls give strong remedies that can work in adverse time like this for health. Savita Kurani. Dob: 9th January at 10am. Day; Thursday.. Please tell me about my future, job,about me, wat i hv to do next, what about my life…. Hi, I am sudhakar km my date of birth Namasathe Guruji. Time : 4. Guruji namaste nanna hesaru tashath adre manealli raghu antha karitare nanu huttidu time pm ge dayavittu nanna rashi mathu mundhina future hegirute antha tilsthira guruji plzzz….

Namaste guruji nana hesaru mahammed rafi nana janum Dina Hi I am manju. B date of birth 01 01 in Mysore karnataka India tell me how is my future my marrige my business.

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Nanige government job sigutha thumba try madtha idhini guruji plz heli kelasa sigutha athava illava nanna bavishya hegide Tbilisi nimma answer ge weight madtha idhini Namsthe guruji nanna hesaru nandini date of birth 10 time 8. Nana hesaru pushpa nan date of birth time pm nana job matte marriage baggge helli please …. Please send my jataka to below email id. I am in trouble please help. I am looking for goverment job and also worried about my marriage. Namaste Giorgio,nanna hesaru Ranjana nanna date of birth17 June 1. I am havyaka Brahmin.

Sir nan DOB en andkondru agthilla. Nan andkondiddella ulta agthide sir pls solution kodi. I m Shrishail,dob Name shivaraj m my dob is Shatabhishya born at am tel me About my feature life job marraige what about my in life. My Name is Nisha and My date of birth on Please tell me about my marrige problem, my situvation in divorce. After marriage I suffering from so many problems please tell me reasons for this problem in kannada.

Nan hesru bhavyampj4 gmail huttiddu huttid samaya pm. Nange yavag govt job sigatte heli. Nanna hesaru Nisha nanu madve aadamele thumba problemsnalli iddini, ivaga divorce hanthakke nanna life bandumuttide yake hige agutide nanna mundina jeevana hege please heli. Time: Please reply. Hi, My DOB is 10th july time 5. My Name is Suresh. My problem is job and my family issues let me know my current for one year jobless. Namaste guruji nan hesaru anand masali nan date of birth nan jatakad bagge tilisi rashi-makar rashi, birth place-bijapur ,birth time 2:am ide guruji nanage tilishi.

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Namusthe guru ji. Nanu yavaglu nan husband Jothe sanna vishayakku doddadagi jagala agute. Namasthe guruji nanna name sowmya antha nanu nanna mundhina nanna studies bagge kelabekithu nanu ca ge join aghidhini adhu pass aguthe antha kelabekithu dayavittu na nna question ge answer madi guruji. Namasthe gurugi nanu tea angadi madabeku nanu enekelasa madalu odaru enadaru addi aguthade please Eli nanna date of birth Yako problems mele problem jeevane beda anisuva matige problems… Plz help me guruji.

My job status I am searching the job I would to like join good company. And my financial status and my family status. Namaste guruji, nann hesaru Raghavendra nann date of birth Nanna anna hesaru deelaksha huttida dinanka 9 11 samaya belgina java 4. My name is basavaraj nagappa kanannavar Date of birth mangalavar night We both love each other from 8 years but past from 2 months she is diverting. Sir nanna hesaru Arunkumar Nanage nanna nakshatra yavadu anta gotila adake tau daya madi aana helbeku anta kela tar edini plz plz.

Write Your Comment Cancel reply. Samarpan says:. May 30, at am. Jeevesh says:. May 31, at pm. Kumuda says:. Kayaan says:. June 1, at pm. Mekhala says:. June 3, at pm. Aghosh says:. Kalap says:. Serena says:. June 5, at am. Trilok says:. June 6, at am. Rutajit says:. June 8, at pm.

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June 29, at pm. Hradini says:. July 1, at am. Ashwaghosh says:. July 1, at pm. Vijeta says:. July 2, at pm. Jograj says:. July 3, at am. Satvik says:. July 3, at pm. July 4, at pm. Chintanika says:. Sunam says:. July 5, at pm. Taruni says:. July 6, at am. Deepali says:. July 7, at pm. Pavak says:. July 8, at pm. Naagdhar says:. July 9, at am. Ardra says:. July 9, at pm. Antariksha says:. Godavari says:. July 10, at pm. Ekaja says:. July 11, at am. Manendra says:. July 14, at am. Snehil says:. Shamim says:. July 16, at pm. Yukti says:. July 18, at pm.

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September 15, at pm. R says:. September 17, at pm.

September 18, at pm. September 29, at pm. September 30, at pm. October 13, at pm. October 20, at pm. October 30, at pm. Shivaprasad H G says:. November 11, at am. November 30, at pm. December 1, at pm. December 14, at pm. Basu Dhannur says:. December 20, at am. The priest performs the ritual with prayers to the Gods, Agni, the god of fire , the elements, and the spirits of the ancestors. Rice grains are spread on a bronze 'thali' or dish and the father writes the chosen name in it using a gold stick while chanting the God's name.

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Then he whispers the name into the child's right ear, repeating it four times along with a prayer. All others present repeat a few words after the priest to formally accept the name. This is followed by the blessings of the elders along with gifts, and the ritual ends with a feast with family and friends. Usually, the family astrologer also presents the child's horoscope at this ceremony. Hindu families rely on Vedic astrology to arrive at the name of a child. The initial letter is considered especially auspicious, and there are five general principles of determining what the initial letter of a child's name should be:.

It is traditionally believed that a boy's name should have letters in even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 and girls should consist of odd-numbered letters 3, 5, 7, 9 , but 11 is considered the most auspicious length for both genders. If you know the child's birth star, you can use the following table to arrive at the first letters of your baby girl's name as recommended by Vedic astrologers and select a name from the favorite Hindi girl names list.

Share Flipboard Email. Janam Nakshatranam by lunar asterism, composed of the birth star of the child, the position of planets at the time and date of birth, and the moon sign ; Masanam according to the child's month of birth ; Devatanama after the family deity ; Rashinama according to the child's Zodiac sign ; and Samsarikanama the worldly name , as an exception to all the above.