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Hall Paul F. Real Joy Publications. In the eighties, film's grimmest reaper, Jason, wore a hockey mask. This decade, our most popular celluloid scare tactician is Jonathan Kramer a. Jigsaw, lunatic cancer patient-kidnapper-handyman inventor-serial killer. Perhaps all those hyphens reflect our busy bee era's mania for multitasking.

In any case, Jigsaw's career has been lucrative. Inevitably, just before Halloween, a new Saw plugs into our multiplexes, blades whirring from the start.

Moments in and out of time - Jonathan Kramer

The first scene in Saw IV is an autopsy Easter egg hunt more multitasking! Jigsaw Tobin Bell , who died last time out, is on the cooling board, with a doctor working a whining surgical saw on his skull.

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Later, he reaches inside Jigsaw's belly, sorting through intestines like he's rummaging through a sock drawer. What's this? As the captured film unspools, we see two men trapped in a hideout, manacled to one of Jigsaw's insidious Rube Goldberg contraptions. One poor schmo has his eyes gouged out, the other his lips sewn shut; both are being pulled apart by what looks like a ship engine hooked up to a chain clothesline. A detective, Rigg Lyriq Bent races to investigate, but finds himself caught up in multiple Jigsaw puzzles: First, a party girl on a rack, then a fat pedophile on a bed rigged for torture, after that, pervert parents shish-ka-bobbed together by javelins.

Weekly Horoscope for Taurus by Deborah Browning:

Elsewhere, a police crew investigating the first police unit assigned to the Jigsaw case discovers film evidence that two of the original detectives are trapped in another death machine game. One contestant stands barefoot on a block of ice with his head in a noose; the other sits on an electric chair waiting for melted water to short circuit his perch, setting him ablaze. Who will die first? Police are also talking to Jigsaw's widow Shawnee Smith , who offers a rationale for Jigsaw's killing spree.

Jonathan Cainer was the Daily Mail's astrologer for 20 years until his death

He was crazy with cancer and the loss of the couple's unborn child, it turns out. Amanda also provides a few flashback memories of Jigsaw's worst acts of vengeance. Like the time he forced the drug addict who traumatized his wife into pressing his face into razor blades, loosing a cascade of blood.

Saw IV pretends to be a morality tale and police procedural. All the torture victims are guilty of some nefarious activity.