Sextile astrology december 21

We know that December 21 and the whole controversy stirs fear in some and excitement in others.

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Now, get a load of the cosmic energy around December 21, , to see what kind of perspective is offered by the cosmic events of the times! Our desire for new experiences is strong with Venus' happy trine to innovative Uranus in Aries. We're ready to take risks in our social lives, which is emphasized on December 21 with the mood-setting Moon in impulsive Aries.

It's appropriate to push some limits, but the boundaries that really need to be expanded now are those of self-awareness. We contribute to the collective consciousness, not to mention our own personal growth, when we take risks to explore undiscovered parts of ourselves.

Aspects of the Moon on december - New York

The Sun's exact sextile with spiritual Neptune is a favorable aspect that expands our consciousness, opens our hearts, and makes room for faith and forgiveness. And with spiritual Neptune in its supersensitive home sign of Pisces, we get a significant dose of compassion and imagination, too. Control and authority are usually the names of the game when the Sun's in disciplined Capricorn, but as Neptune steps in to dissolve boundaries, a more inclusive and generous environment can thrive around December 21, Expansive Jupiter forms an awkward quincunx with stern Saturn, infecting our optimism with pessimism, and counteracting any advances we make with more delays.

Progress is possible, but it's best taken in small steps and grounded in solid form now. Desire-driven Venus in adventurous Sagittarius opposes Jupiter, increasing our personal appetites. Our growing desire for pleasure, approval, and love could instigate some risky behavior. Endless details, ribbon, and gold foil beg for attention as you sip your cappuccino or hot chocolate.

These two work to bring magic through the veil, even when the night is long. Venus sextiles Saturn to create warmth and security as you hone your intuition.

Mars Sextile Uranus - December 2016 - True Sidereal Astrology

Your sign begins the second half of the zodiac. You are both a balance to the past, and a beginning to the future.

Your entrepreneurial qualities keep you ahead of the crowd. Your Venusian charm saves you in most situations. She stands by to encourage, especially with a helpful trine to Saturn this weekend. If your sixth sense seems to have dimmed, never fear.

December 14 – December 20

Everything needs a recharge. The energy of the holiday season is a great time for this. What seems a sensible, quiet week includes subtle starlit shifts.


This is a healing aspect that goes back lifetimes. Mars sextiles Pluto. Focus and calculated risk brings you in alignment with top brass. What has been completed can be released. You are on to new excitement this holiday season. The Sun in Sagittarius signals a Happy Birthday! Conserve your resources. You will have many opportunities to choose from. You win in an awkward scenario.


Western astrology

Connected to everything, the alignment of the stars move harmoniously for you. A long-standing confusion or wound is replaced by a lifting of your spirits. Venus sextiles Saturn to bring security and comfort. The holidays are not all glitter and glitz.

Sun enters Scorpio

This season has a tendency to absorb each sensation, and return it with a glow of lights and tinsel. They bring a big deal chapter of your life to fruition.

You now are free to start something new! Being yourself means having courage.